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Stars are a special thing in Seattle’s rain-soaked, light pollution, rich caffeinated corner of the globe. Clear skies late at night are reason enough to jump in our environmentally conscious vehicles to seek out that quiet someplace to wield the telescope and whisper, quietly in awe. Your Star Forever bottles both the awe of heaven’s splendor and the steady march of history together so that lovers, relatives, and friends can consecrate a monument to their relationship in the stars.

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When my sister dedicated my star to me, we were in the middle of a 2 month long argument. This was the first step in resolution and brought us closer together as brother and sister. We now communicate on a daily basis and love each other more than we ever had. This would not have happened without the dedication of that star.
Zachary Griffin Everett

Zachary Griffin Everett

I bought it for my young grand daughter in hopes that she will always look up at the sky and remember her "mema" long after I am gone.
JoMarie Park Leicester

JoMarie Park Leicester

Randomly, I got a text message saying a star had been dedicated to me. My star was the beginning of a scavenger hunt holding a message that lead me to hot chocolate, a cashmere blanket and an incredible lookout spot with a telescope. BEST DATE EVER! :)



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